Re-entry into the world post-COVID

How have you been feeling post-lockdown? I have recently seen patterns in my therapy practice of people having some stress & anxiety as we begin to open up our cities post-COVID. It is not just my clients, it is also with people that I know personally. If you are anything like me I got really comfortable staying home. I am fortunate that I can work from home. But even before lockdown I was a homebody. Always was and always will be. But I do recognize that my kids need to get back into a more normal routine. So now that I am double-vaxxed I have made a commitment to go out everyday. So far that has meant taking our youngest to the park, going for walks by the lake with our oldest, backyard visits with family, an eye exam that I have put off for a looooong time. The optometrist got really close which I knew would happen, and I mentally prepared for that. What are you doing to get out? Are you having anxiety about it? My suggestions:

  • go slow
  • don’t judge yourself
  • praise yourself for what you are able to do
  • set small, attainable goals
  • choose an activity that you enjoy
  • stay outdoors
  • gather safely with family & friends
  • celebrate your WINS
  • Reach out if you would like to chat about this

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