Embracing our imperfections

How many people can honestly say they accept their imperfections as much as their perfections? I know many that struggle so much with their imperfections and have a strong inner critic that constantly berates them. I also know many that are uncomfortable celebrating their perfections; their wins; their talents etc. This negativity doesn’t serve us.Continue reading “Embracing our imperfections”

Group Program

Start date June 2/22!!!! I will share more in the next few days of what you can expect in the 8 weeks of working together. I am happy to set up a 15 min free zoom call to answer any questions. Looking forward to working with you.

Why not today?

Self compassion is one of the modalities that will be shared and explored in my 8 week health, healing & hope program that I have named “Why not today”. So many of us have hopes and dreams but we get stuck along the way. The 8 week program will allow you to take a lookContinue reading “Why not today?”

Coming soon…

Currently putting finishing touches on my 8 week group program. Will be exploring issues that hold us back from living life fully and teaching strategies that can help you heal and move forward in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.

Grief & Loss

I have noticed that grief and loss are themes that are finding themselves in many conversations I am having lately. Conversations with clients, potential clients, friends, family etc. Sometimes the words grief and loss are not used but that is what we are talking about. When we think of grief it is usually in relationContinue reading “Grief & Loss”

Grief & the Holidays

Grief & the Holidays The holidays can be a tough time for many people.  If you are someone that has lost a loved one this can add another level of sadness and stress.  Here are some suggestions that may help you navigate the holidays.  Give yourself Grace, Kindness & Compassion.  Remind yourself that you areContinue reading “Grief & the Holidays”

Loving Kindness

I received this in my in inbox this morning and really felt the need to share. I love Sharon Salzberg and the work that she does. I hope you enjoy this meditation as much as I did. Click the link at the bottom to be taken to the video. In this guided meditation, Sharon Salzberg leads us throughContinue reading “Loving Kindness”

Grace, Kindness & Letting Go

As a Registered Nurse and Psychotherapist, I find clients are often very self-critical, hard on themselves and play the ‘should’ blame game. I ‘should’ have done more, I ‘should’ know better, I ‘should’ have known this. We all do it. Unfortunately, for clients who struggle with mental health issues this negative inner critic can resultContinue reading “Grace, Kindness & Letting Go”


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