Music & Coping

I am not a big music buff or a musician but I know what I like and when I like or love a song I crush on it big time. I am currently obsessing over this song Thank you Dua Lipa for giving me a small amount of escape, peace and solace from a world that feels heavy and sad right now. And thank you to my kiddos, especially my oldest who let me play this on repeat as we went for a drive today. I have lost count but I think I have played it about 14 times today. 17 is the point when my older kids tell me “mom you have ruined the song for me”. The last time I did that was with this song from A Star is Born What song makes you nostalgic? My husband knows what mood I am in if I am playing my Italian playlist. Immediately takes me back to memories of my mother making lunch on a Sunday after church. What song makes you sing out loud in the shower? What song makes you think of high school? What song makes you think of your best friend? sibling? partner? What is your all time favourite song? Take a few minutes to play your favourite song and I encourage you to sing along.

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