Grief & Loss

I have noticed that grief and loss are themes that are finding themselves in many conversations I am having lately. Conversations with clients, potential clients, friends, family etc. Sometimes the words grief and loss are not used but that is what we are talking about. When we think of grief it is usually in relation to the sadness felt when a loved one has died. Many clients come to me to process this type of grief. I find this work sacred and it is an honour to be their therapist. I don’t ever compare grief as it is not a competition. It is important to point out that we can grieve for many things. Sometimes it may feel awkward to talk about and I hear “I don’t have it as bad as some people…”. We are unique and our experiences are going to be unique to us. Let go of judging yourself. There seems to be a collective grief right now…grief for opportunities we have lost, grief for sacrifices we have made, sometimes we may be grieving and don’t know exactly why etc. Please give yourself permission to feel whatever you are feeling. Your grief is valid.

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