IGTV Interview with @JournalJunky

This was an interview with Nicole a woman I admire that also believes journaling can be transformative. @journaljunky.  My first interview where I was able to share my passion for journaling, meditation and nursing.   I believe that we need to build our selves up so that we can then care for others and build up our profession. 

Key takeaways from the interview:

I offer journaling as an antidote to burnout, workplace stress and overwhelm.  Journaling can help with transition and uncertainty.  When making changes start small, be kind to yourself in the process and don’t lose sight of how far you have already come.

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A post shared by Nicole Annette M. Ed / 20+ yrs (@journaljunky) on Sep 4, 2020 at 12:05pm PDT

I Will Be Speaking…

I will be talking with Mindful Nurses on their Wellness Wednesday on Wednesday April 7 at 9pm EST. I will be talking about giving ourselves grace, kindness and letting go.  Recently, I had a client recently ask how to go about this and I had to take a moment to absorb that question.  “How can I be kind to myself?”  It sounds like an easy and simple question but it is loaded!  As nurses we are expected to care for others but do we truly do the same for ourselves? And the “letting go”… letting go of stress, overwhelm, perfection and things that hold us back and impact our day to day, our outlook and our overall health.  I will share some journal prompts that can help work through some of these ideas.  I will also share how creating a journaling practice can be a lovely addition to our self care. Please click here to join: https://mindfulnurses.com/wellnesswednesdays/xbvwql4smsqamm9i162pio4n1jof4a

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